WordPress 2.5 Goes Live

WordPress has developed a new version with its users in mind. They incorporated all the suggestions from its users and created the new WordPress 2.5 that is customizable and gets the job done a lot quicker.

The first thing you’ll notice in your WordPress dashboard is the color change. From the typical blue color to a customizable new look with lots of colors that feel a lot lighter to the eyes. The classic blue color can be quite depressing so this change is really refreshing.

The changes in WordPress do not only evolve around its looks but the features have changed dramatically as well. You would notice that the new Dashboard gives you straight out the most important information you need. In just a single page, you would find the most recent activities such as incoming links, recent comments and instantly see the number of posts and pages that is contained in your categories and tags. Having a quick summary in your dashboard makes it a lot more useful. Most bloggers don’t even care to check through their dashboard as it has lots of pages and can get a bit complicated especially to newbies. The WordPress navigation is a lot more organized now and it makes your navigation a lot quicker as it separates the most important functions from the least important ones. This cuts the time with navigating from one function to the other thus you get the job done a lot quicker.

Managing was made simpler too. Using the same interface all throughout, you could find the important information much faster. Also, writing new posts or pages got a face lift as well. All the basic options are displayed immediately and if you want to add more options, you could just find them under appropriate categories. At first you may think this is quite annoying but in fact, once you have established how you want your write screen to look like, it will remember it and every time you want to write a new post, all your chosen options would be immediately displayed. Isn’t that amazing?

With all these, surely you wouldn’t want to go back to the old and boring WordPress versions anymore.

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