What are the best firewalls to use for your PC?

Hackers seem to be everywhere and they cause threats to every PC owners like you. To keep yourself protected, you would need an excellent firewall to prevent those malicious hackers from wrecking havoc to your PC. If you use paypal and other internet-based banking, you have to be careful as your password and username may be copied through spywares and you’d end up losing valuable money from malicious withdrawal.

Linux and Mac users are not affected by this but the majority, the Windows users, are constantly being threatened by these spywares, identity and data theft.

There are paid and free spyware removal software available to choose from but it doesn’t really matter if you’d get a free software as long as it does its job well. Why pay more for something you can get for free anyway?

The 5 best firewalls you may want to try are the Comodo Firewall Pro, Online Armor Personal Firewall, ProSecurity 1.43, Outpost Firewall Pro 2008 6.0.2302.264.0490 and Kaspersky Internet Security The Comodo Firewall Pro and the Online Armor Personal Firewall are free software but they are actually the best type of firewall available. Finding the best firewall for you is a debatable topic as each PC are different and people’s preference also vary. You may try both free firewall software to check for yourself which one suits you best. Only Comodo supports Windows Vista as Online Armor does not. Online Armor has an easy interface so you don’t need to be an expert to know what to do and how to go around it. The Comodo has many settings and people with the right know-how would appreciate this software more. Either way you choose, or perhaps you may choose the 3 other firewalls software stated above, you are still protected from those malicious hacking.

Just make sure that you only use 1 firewall protection software at a time. If you’re not happy with your chosen software, uninstall it and install a new one and use that.

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