Watch Floyd Mayweather vs. Juan Manuel Marquez on SOPCAST

mayweather vs marquezFloyd Mayweather resigned almost a year ago and keeping the title of the best pound for pound fighter in the world even though Manny Pacquiao is also given the same title. Mayweather was still unbeatable when he retired and now that Manny Pacquiao is gaining so much popularity in the boxing world, Floyd Mayweather is the next big fighter that Manny Pacquiao has to beat. But before Mayweather fights Pacquiao, he will return to the ring on the 19th of September to fight another great fighter, Juan Manuel Marquez who is a champion of the lightweight division and would have to move 2 weight classes so he can fight with Mayweather. Win or lose, Juan Manuel Marquez would definitely earn tons of cash from fighting the big guy.

Mayweather is the most sought after fighter now as fighting him means big bucks. He resigned unbeatable and now that he is back to fight again, would he still retain his title or would he fall on the hands of Marquez or will he get knocked out by Manny Pacquiao in their future fight?

Many believe that the Mayweather and Marquez fight is a no-brainer. The favor is with Mayweather both statistically and physically and Marquez may not put up a good fight with him. Nonetheless, it’s going to be a great fight of two champions and everyone’s excited for the Septemper 19 pound for pound action between Marquez and the unbeatable Mayweather.

With maximum weight of 144, Marquez needs to gain 9 pounds while Mayweather needs to lose more weight for a fight in over 4 years. Both think the weight issue is not going to be a problem as both are in top shape even at this weight division.

Whether it’s for glory or just for money, Mayweather is back and his presence only means more challenge to other boxers such as Marquez and definitely for Pacquiao in the future.

Watch Mayweather vs Marquez fight on Sopcast

If you don’t have a sopcast software yet, please visit the official site to download the software. here’s the url . Once you download and install the software, login as anonymous and enter this channel sop:// (tentative channel as ufc 103 will also be broadcast live) . Voila.. Now
you can watch Mayweather vs Marquez live streaming free.

UPDATE: watch the fight on CCTV-5 channel on SOPCAST but the streaming is not english.

UPDATE 2: Mayweather won via Unanimous decision. Judges scores: William Lerch 118-109, Bert Clements 120-107, Dave Moretti 119-108.

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