Twilight Eclipse Script leaked?

The July 2009 screenplay was said to be the early draft for the July 2010 Eclipse Movie that will be shown in theatres worldwide. But, the movie producers had confirmed that this disclosed copy was not really the script for the shooting production.

Lately though, many news have sprouted that the Eclipse script had leaked online with a PDF version of it ready to be downloaded. It was said that the draft script is owned by the actor for the Jasper Hale character, Jackson Rathbone. In the script, it reads that the movie will open with Victoria changing Riley into a vampire that she wants to send after Bella who’s the love of Edward.

The Twilight Eclipse movie script has no merit and is just a spam according to the movie’s spokesperson. But however, fans don’t mind. Though the plot of the story is nothing surprising as the movie already gives you a glimpse of what the movie will showcase.

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