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I have been thinking of trying out Chitika Premium for a while now and just yesterday, I finally decided to sign-up for an account. Today Chitika bring a good news, my site got accepted and now ready to make some cash. Stay tune,I will report on my success or not in a few weeks. 😀

See sample Chitika Premium ads below (468×120):
chitika sample ads

Want to sign-up for an account? In order to join as publisher, your site must qualify first. If you have a site that has a lot of search engine traffic and most visitor are coming from US/CA, then you have a chance to get accepted. Sign-up Now.

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My first month with Chitika Premium

My first month with Chitika Premium

I earned $54.56 on my first month on Chitika, I should be earning more if only Google lift the penalization in one of my site. You will notice the decrease of earning on February 17, 2009. Lost of traffic is between 60% to 70%. SAD

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