Thou shalt not blink by Bearwin Meily ang LUPET

Thou shalt not blink by Bearwin Meily sino nakapanood kanina sa QTV ? ang lupet,grabe ng teleportation parang Son Gokuo. From GMA7 to his house in Cainta inabot lang ng seconds or minute. One continuous shot, no camera tricks.

Summary of Birthday presentation of Bearwin Meily “Thou Shalt Not Blink”.

Bearwin Meily has done it again and had fascinated the viewers of his show entitled “Thou Shalt Not Blink” which was aired from 9 to 11 pm on April 27 at QTV. This comedian turned magical entertainer had fascinated everyone who have seen his different magic tricks as taped during his 2-month stay in California. What’s the most fascinating of all his tricks was his teleportation. He teleported from the GMA-7 studio to his home in just 90 seconds! There were no camera tricks and no editing done but only real, one continuous shot that has never been done or seen in a television show ever.

In preparation for this finale, Bearwin had trained with Jaime Licauco who is a renowned parapsychologist. He said that teleportation does not require any form of supernatural power as long as you train well enough and learn how it is done. We’ve had different teleportation incidents not just in other countries but even in the Philippines as well. Jaime Licauco knows a lot about these incidents through his research which is why Bearwin’s training with Jaime Licauco was essential for him to actually do it perfectly.

In Bearwin’s final performance for the show, he first showed himself in the GMA 7 studio which is located in Timog Avenue corner EDSA. From there, he pointed through a map to show how far the Network Center is from his house and in just 90 seconds or so you would already see him in his house. It was an amazing trick that nobody has ever done before on TV! Many speculations arise whether or not the teleportation was just a camera trick and not a real teleportation. We may never truly know what this amazing Philippine version of David Blaine did to create that shot but it was astonishing to say the least.

Da Bear is an amazing magician and his tricks amazed not only the Filipinos but many Californians as well. What else does this man have in store for his next shows? Let’s just wait and see.

First time to sa Philippine television! Hanga talaga ako sayo Bearwin. Mabuhay ka!

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