The Power of an iMac

Microsoft should now be trembling on its feet as more and more people are switching to Apple especially with the release of their new Apple’s iMac.

With a speed of up to 3.06 GHz and running on Intel Core 2 Duo processors, this PC is definitely the fastest ever produced by Apple.

There is a 20-inch and a 24-inch iMac that you could choose from. The 20-inch iMac comes with either a 2.4 GHz processor or a 2.66 GHz processor. The 24 inch, on the other hand, runs in 2.8 GHz or 3.06 GHz processor. Apart from its other features, the best thing about the Apple iMac is its versatility. A regular PC has lots of wirings that you need to connect to the CPU. Moving around or cleaning a regular PC can be stress-provoking but this problem is no longer an issue with the new iMac. You may wonder how it can operate without a CPU but that’s what makes this new PC wonderful. Now, your monitor is also your CPU so it takes lesser space and creates less clutter.

With the addition of iMac lures more people to switch from Microsoft to Apple. Well, you also have to add that Apple is known to be a lot more stable system and is less susceptible to spyware or virus attacks unlike with Microsoft. Sure it may take a little practice before you’d get used to this switch but then the MAC OS X Leopard makes your computer experience a lot more colorful and entertaining. Watching movies and photos are clearer than what you’ve been stuck with and also, Safari lets you browse the internet faster and more secure.

If all these still don’t interest you, just take a look at the new iMac. Surely you’d be captivated by its beauty. Check out the LCD screen resolution. It’s like seeing all these wonderful images becoming alive in front of your eyes.

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