The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Zelda games had been around for decades and many gamers are still captivated by its easy yet challenging game play. It’s the first Zelda game ever to hit the Nintendo DS system. Definitely, this Zelda game is a must-have and it’s one of the most popular and highly voted Nintendo DS game. The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass is a sequel of the Wind Waker which is played on Nintendo GameCube. It picks up exactly where The Wind Waker left off.

The Phantom Hourglass retains the game plot and style as Wind Waker and even follows the same surroundings but playing this game on Nintendo DS uses its touch-screen based control which is why moving around is a lot easier but only if you are used to it already. It can get a little tricky at first but soon you’ll realize that using your stylus to make taps and swipes actually make the game a lot more fun and simpler.

In the Phantom Hourglass, you’d find the puzzles to be quite engaging. They are challenging but not too elaborate as the other Zelda games. Boss battles are amazing as well. You use both screens for some of the boss battles which make it a lot more fun. You’ll get to sail a lot on this game and you’ll have sea battles too.

All in all, the game is awesome. Its main downfall is with the Temple of the Ocean King which is the very first dungeon you’ll enter. You’d end up going back to this temple over and over again and fight the same battles every time you need to pass through it. It can get really boring and dragging but aside from this, the whole game is terrific.

If you’re a Zelda fanatic, this game is definitely worth your time. It won’t take forever to finish this game. Some people say they can finish the game in a total of 15 hours but would still love to play it again and again. It’s a successful entry of Zelda into the Nintendo DS selection.

UPDATE:(4/22/2008) I just found a site where you can download free “The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass” for your Nintendo DS.

Company: Nintendo
Release Group: Independent
CRC: 8B431C41
im1CRC: 50B00687
im2CRC: 160C2E76
Save Type: Flash – 4 Mbit
Rom Size: 64MB

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