The Dawn

The Dawn had been playing music for two decades and they continue to strive despite their losses and eventual changes in their lineup. Currently, the dawn is made up of Jett Pangan on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Buddy Zabala, a former Eraserheads member, for bass guitar and back up vocals, JB Leonor on drums and Francis Reyes on guitar and back-up vocals. This is the 8th line-up in the 22 years of The Dawn and from 1986 Jett Pangan and JB Leonor never left the band.

The Dawn was formed by Teddy Diaz, the former keyboardist, guitarist and back-up vocalist of the band. After two years of escalating popularity, tragedy struck and Teddy Diaz was murdered by two drug addicts in front of his girlfriend’s house. This tragedy shocked the country and other members of The Dawn were in mourning. Instead of giving up on their careers, they made the death of their former band mate as an inspiration to keep them going. Matsuura was introduced as the new guitarist but because of personal difference he was then replaced by a former Afterimage guitarist, Francis Reyes. Then in 1990, Millete Saldajeno also joined the group but was then replaced by Isidore Fernandez after 2 years. The band broke up in 1995 to pursue different careers but they again reunited in 1999 and continued to make beautiful and unique songs up until now that topped the charts.

The members of The Dawn are not just playing music now. In 2006 they had a movie entitled “Tulad Ng Dati” which is a semi-autobiography of the band.

In 2006 they had celebrated their 20th anniversary as a band and they released their anniversary album also entitled “Tulad Ng Dati” which is a compilation of their many hits that have been re-recorded. It’s a 2-disc album with the first disc containing their hit songs while the 2nd disc contains videos. Their carrier single is “Ang Iyong Paalam”.

The Dawn is the Philippines’ Premiere Rock Band. They have withstood the test of time and no other rock bands in the country could beat their record for longevity. For 20 years they are still rocking the airwaves with new hits that continue to top the chart and their previous songs are now considered classics and are still being played on radios throughout the country. They may be getting old but they are not fading.

They released a total of 13 albums over their 20 years in the music industry. Their first album was self-titled “The Dawn” back in 1986 followed by “I Stand With You” in 1988 then “Beyond the Bend” in 1989, “The Dawn-Live” also in 1989, “Heart’s Thunder”, “The Dawn Compilation”, “Iisang Bangka Greatest Hits” in 1990, “Abot Kamay” in 1992, “Puno’t Dulo” in 1994, “The Dawn: OPM Timeless Collection (Gold Series compilation)” in 1997, “Prodigal Sun” in 2000, “Harapin” in 2004, and their 20th anniversary album “Tulad Ng Dati” in 2006.

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