The Apple iPhone 3G will soon be in the Philippines!

That’s right, folks! Pretty soon the Filipinos will soon be lining up to buy their very own Apple iPhone 3G that is said to be much cheaper than the previously released version that costs roughly about P 25,000. Now, the 8 Gb version of the Apple iPhone 3G is announced by Apple to cost only $199 worldwide so that’s less than P10,000 considering the USD to Philippine peso won’t go up to P50=$1 again but even so, at the price of cellular phones nowadays, this one is definitely a great bargain considering all its great features. But will Globe stick to the announced price or will they abuse their tie-up with Apple and price it much higher than what is targeted? We can all just wait and see.

So what can we expect from the new Apple iPhone 3G? Of course, as stated with its name, it now offers the fast 3G wireless technology that is said to be twice as fast as the previously released Apple iPhone. Not only does it feature the fast 3G technology but now you can surf the net with its Wi-Fi. It also has a GPS mapping feature that will work in the Metro Manila areas but the provincial areas may not make much use of it as of the moment. And as what an iPhone has revolutionalized, the Apple iPhone is a combination of a cellular phone, a widescreen (touchscreen) iPod, and also as an internet device so it’s like having your own laptop, ipod and cellular phone in one! All that for less than P10,000? That is definitely hard to beat!

Expect the new Apple’s iPhone 3G to be available to all Filipinos later this year. The Philippines is not a part of the launch date set by Apple on July 11 but it promises to have the phone available a little later. With its partnership with Globe, you would get to enjoy all the great benefits and features offered by Globe Telecom on your Apple iPhone. Surely, with the price as low as what Apple announced, other cellular phone manufacturers would be on their toes and produce better quality phones at an affordable price. With taxes and other expenses, many speculate that it is impossible for the Apple iPhone 3G to be offered at that price. Let’s just hope that it won’t double the price here or else many of us would still resort to buying the phone abroad and unlocking it here.

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