Sony Ericsson C702i, The Rugged Cybershot

Sony Ericsson announced Cybershot C702i phone on 10th February 2008. This phone is one of the 7 new phones launched by Sony Ericsson at this year’s GSM World Congress at Barcelona. Targeted at mobile users who like to shoot and use phone, but are limited to choices due the environment being too rugged for use.

The special thing about this phone is that it is splash and dust proof which means that you can safely drop the cameraphone in puddle and still be sure of receiving the next call or taking the next shot through camera. The build quality of the cellphone inspires confidence that no matter where you use it, it will be faithful to you. The phone is a 3G enabled quadband phone with HSDPA 3.6Mbps connectivity available for 2100 MHz networks The front features a big screen of 2.2inches with resolution of 240×320pixels a alphanumeric keypad with a front VGA camera whereas the back of the cell has dimpled surface with a lot of gripping provided and a bolt like feature provided on the cover of battery to give it rugged and macho feel. Just next to the bolt is a big eye for wrist band. Weight of the device is mere 105grams with the thickness being 15.5cm which is very less considering the tough built of cellphone. The thickness of the cellphone has been kept more so that it doesn’t slip from the hands of user. The phone has 3.2megapixel sensor and since it comes in the series of mighty Cybershot Brand of Sony Ericsson, it packs a lot of power in the camera. The image stabilization, red eye reduction is from its predecessor K850i.

The camera on this device is 3.2megapixel sensor with Sony lens and autofocus feature. New things on this device are face recognition which allows you to focus on the subject of the picture rather than on the background. Also featured here is Photo fix which is software provided by Sony Ericsson for fixing the photo after it has been shot. Red eye reduction is further improved from the previous K series model. However the biggest thing missing here is Xenon flash which was a hit with K850i. The newphoto light on this device is said to do same functions and also provide lighting in video shooting too which was not possible with Xenon flash. Let’s hope that this LED based photolight does as the company promises.

Another good thing about this phone is that it features GPS which had been pretty much domain of hi-end phones like Nokia’s N95. This makes the foray of GPS technology into the mainstream feature phones. The GPS module integrates with the camera and does “geo-tagging” of images which is a very new and interesting feature. The phone comes with 160MB of memory onboard which can be further extended through memorystick M2. Other features like mp3/aac/wma enabled music player, Blogging tool, radio with rds, notes, calendar is standard which is very similar to other phones made by the company. However, it remains uncertain whether the users will be able to use 3rd party softwares from companies like Tom-Tom on their phones as doesn’t have an operating system. It’s a phone for outdoor type of users who work in conditions where there is a lot of moisture and dust. This phone could be a boon to those people who previously had been avoiding a cameraphone from the fear of dropping/wetting the phone while using. Let’s wait to see the reaction of market to this phone when it is launched in Q2, 2008.

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