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More than one way to download video from YouTube

There are many people who are frustrated at not being able to download their favorite videos from YouTube. Though they can see the movie, they are not able to download the same and save it to their hard drive for future viewing. Each time they want to see that particular movie, they have to download it again. In order to bypass these problems many of them, especially the ones who have a `never say die’ spirit, have searched the web and have found out means how to download videos from YouTube. Most of them have looked at one option and have left disheartened because the method described was too tough. Here are different options that will help both the novice and the expert to download videos my YouTube

Using Firefox:

It is recommended to download and install the free firefox browser. If you already have the firefox browser installed, just launch it and install the Greasemonkey extension for firefox. Once this is done, install `download YouTube video’ script, which is available for free. Reboot firefox and you are ready to download the video of your choice from YouTube. Just visit that site and load the video you want to download in the normal way. Once the video has loaded, you will find a `download video’ option at the bottom of the screen. Just click on that and save the video to your hard drive. It makes sense to rename the video to something you can remember.

Ripzor Rules:

There is a site known as Ripzor, which is straightforward to use. When one sees a video file on YouTube, there is a unique URL for each video. Just highlight this URL and copy the same by right clicking and then selecting copy. Then go over to Ripzor’s YouTube Downloader and paste this URL on the form. Once you have done that just click the convert icon and select the video format you want the software the video to be converted to. Now select save giving the location you want to save the converted video to.

The tecchie way:

When you find a video that you like on YouTube, just view the source of that page. In firefox just select `View’ on the menu bar and from the drop down list select `page source’. Alternatively you can use the keyboard shortcut, which is `Ctrl+U’. Use the find feature (`Crtl+F’) to find for `player2.swf’ copy the entire url that is associated with that name and replace the `player2.swf’ with”. Now copy the entire edited URL and paste the same on the address bar of your browser and hit enter. You will be prompted to save the video. Remember to check the extension of the video that you are going to save. If it does not have the extension.flv” extension at the end of the filename, add it now. The file name should look something like this: “ididit.flv”. The file will be downloaded and saved successfully.

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