Remove Win32/Glenwiry.P virus

Win32/glenwiry.p is a new virus which affects computer especially from USA. Win32/glenwiry.p is a dangerous virus that spreads through security holes and infects network computers. After Win32/glenwiry.p will infect your computer it may download additional malware (trojan horses, spyware, adware, hijackers and keyloggers). Moreover, Win32/glenwiry.p can change system settings and slow your PC.

From Yahoo Answers

CA a/v reported wextract.exe infected with WIn32/Glenwiry.P in 3 locations (all \windows folders, from \system32 through \servicepack1 and \servicepackfiles\i386). First 2 quarantined and the 3rd just listed as infected. XPSP2 popped up a hard request (no redirect to a folder name) for the SP2 disk, which I don’t have either, being updated/upgraded via MS Update all along.

I searched the CA support and av center site and got ZERO results on either the filename or the glenwiry name, really surprising! Did a quick update check and my CA AV is fully up to date.

I’m not doing anything until I find out some more information. Going to check the MS site and run another full scan…

Update from CA Antivirus….

This from CA:
Thank you for using CA Security Advisor.

This is to notify you of the results of your submission, issue number 1386780. Please keep this issue number for future reference.

With regards to the file “wextract.exe” submitted by you on 13 Jun
16:58:23 (Australian Eastern Standard Time), we have updated our signature files to resolve the false positive problem.

The Windows PE (I386,EXE) file “wextract.exe” has been determined to be clean. Our researchers have analyzed the file and found nothing suspicious.

So if you are using CA anti-virus and detected the wextract.exe as Win32/Glenwiry.P virus you should update you signature files to resolved the false positive problem.

If you have been infected Win32/Glenwiry.P, here is a software that may help you remove it from your computer. Download NOD32 trial Anti virus form this website: .

Make sure to update the virus definition before using it 😀

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