Remembering Eraserheads

I loved Eraserheads since I was in high school and even up until now. Listening to their songs bring back a lot of beautiful memories. It’s like a trip down memory lane… Eraserheads or E-heads as some would call them had written tons of beautiful songs. Their albums were Pop U!, UltraelectromagneticPop!, Circus, Cutterpillow (one of my favorite album), Fruitcake, Bananatype, Sticker Happy, Aloha Milkyway, Natin ’99, Eraserheads- the Singles, Carbon StereOxide, then Please Tranpose in 2003. The band members were Ely Buendia, Raimund Marasigan, Marcus Adora and Buddy Zabala. Ely then decided to leave the band in 2002 and since then the band eventually died though Eraserheads had made a name for itself that will never ever be erased in the minds of Filipinos. Eraserheads is like the Beatles of the Philippines. They paved the way for other bands like Parokya ni Edgar and Rivermaya. Eraserheads is the greatest band in the Philippines and the one who started it all.

eheads aloha milky way

eheads aloha milky way

have I found a band that could compare to Eraserheads. I simply love the songs they made like Ligaya, Para sa Masa, Alapaap, Julie Tear Jerky, Overdrive, Ang Huling El Bimbo and a lot more. I can listen to their songs over and over again and never grow tired at all. Their songs are the best… simply the best.

A few years after the break-up, the tribute album “Electromagneticjam!” was released. Eraserheads classics were remade by Filipino artists like Imago, South Border and Orange and Lemons in honor of the band. This did cause quite a stir especially for Ely Buendia who thought it was too early to have a tribute. Nonetheless, the tribute was a success and it gave the fans the chance to relive the E-heads days with a more recent rendition.

I really miss this group. How I wish they could make great songs again. I wish they would bring back the alternative rock madness that enticed the country for 1 whole decade… the 90’s. The present bands make good songs too but they are just not like the E-heads. Eraserheads will live on in our hearts.

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