Promotional Items Corporate Gifts Srednarb

Promotional Items Corporate Gifts Srednarb is a local SEO contest started last September 22, 2008. The aim of the contest is to rank high for the specific keyword phrase on the three search engine (Google, Yahoo,MSN). For more information about the contest you can visit:

I joined the contest to test my SEO skills, get more experience in optimizing static page and be updated with some new link building method. The new link building method I’m using was actually not new, but it’s my first time using it.I will not reveal but you can check my backlink on promotional items corporate gifts srednarb and it will reveal the method.

We have 3 more weeks or less to optimize the site, and I’m still seeing some bookmarking site rank higher than the official entry sites. If you are targetting the overall ranking,  I think is not a good sign.

I’ve been looking for my entry to get on the first page of G result because I can’t believe why some ordinary rss feed or bookmarking page rank higher than my entry site. I think G hear my sentiment and for 2 days my site got the #2 rank. See the screenshot from the official SEO contest site.

promotional items corporate gifts srednarb

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Yesterday, my site back again on page 5. Still looking and hoping to get G attention again :D. Also I joined Busby SEO test , if anyone would like to support my busby, please contact me via my contact form. Thanks

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