Promotional Central SEO Contest is Over

After a number of sleepless night, backlink building and spamming, Promotional Items Corporates Gifts Srednarb SEO Contest finally comes to its end.  Today Alfred announce the list of winner on Promotional Central website. I managed to get the 3rd overall position of the contest, here’s the summary.

Here are the TOP 3 competitors on the said contest (List based on overall rank).

  1. Bleuken ( entry: &
  2. Benj Arriola ( entry:
  3. Eligio ( entry: )

The detail news and winner can be view here, visit .

What I learned…

  1. Start as early as possible, don’t get lazy!
  2. MSN can’t read 301 redirect to non-www using htaccess. I’ve waited for two months to take effect but nothing happen, though I’m still lucky that I manage to get the #2 rank  at the end of the contest.
  3. Yahoo has a problem on ranking a website which is currently listed on Yahoo directory. Don’t redirect (301)  your domain to you contest entry, NOYDIR seems not working and contiues to ignore by yahoo bot.  I added 301 two weeks before the contest end and my rank decreased and almost vanished from the first page . I decided to take off the 301 redirect two days before and luckily again I finished rank 5 though my Google decreased by 1 rank.

Thank You…

So, as you can see, I am  glad having do quite good, but mostly I am glad that so many people gave their unconditional support. Thanks to all, specially Jehzee “The Rising Superstar Blogger” and the rest of the gang who help my backlink (Batang Yagit, Jemme, Flaircandy, Cecile Maris, Mikko, Gleen, DOST Scholar, Sherwin, Edpudol, Tyrone, Kenneth, Whin, Moymoy Palaboy, William Hushburn, Roopio). If ever this list is incomplete, kindly post a comment so I can include you on the list.

And of course thanks to for the sponsorship,  Alfred for making this contest possible.

Thanks to all of you, congrats to the winner and the other competitors.

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