Pinay Scandal

EVER wondered what Filipinos are looking for in the popular Internet search engine Google? According to Google Trends, the keywords “Pinay Scandal” is one of the most searched keywords of web surfing Filipinos since year 2005 and up to now is still garnering volumes of searches.

See Graph below

Pinay Scandal

Why do I post this topic? This blog post is serve as experiment to generate traffic from the said keyword and monetize from it.

This is also a support for the SEO contest started by Mr Pinay Scandal himself, Marc Macuha. Hehehe

If you stumbled here and looking for pinay scandal clips or video please visit this site Pinay Scandal.

Pinay Scandal Hitlist

  1. Pinay Scandal by Marhgil of Macuha.Com
  2. Wanna know the latest trend about Pinay Scandal? by Dexter of Tech At Hand
  3. Pinay Scandal… The Issue by Darang Sisa
  4. Pinay Scandal by Almer Viloria
  5. Google Suggested Pinay Scandal by Ada
  6. Pinay Scandal by Ada
  7. Pinay Scandal by Catzie
  8. Pinay Scandal by Mina
  9. Pinay Scandal by Jehzeel Laurente
  10. Pinay Scandals: Earning Big Bucks? by Nika
  11. Looking For Pinay Scandals?! by Eli
  12. Pinay Scandal by Eligio
  13. Pinay Scandal by Stentorized
  14. Pinay Scandal by Caryl
  15. Pinay Scandal o Iskandalosang Pinay by Kengkay
  16. Pinay Scandal by Hazel
  17. Pinay Scandal by Baby Face
  18. Pinay Scandal Story by Pinoy Ambisyoso
  19. Pinay Scandal by Kenneth
  20. Pinay Scandal by JoanJoyce
  21. Pinay Scandal, Anyone? by MyGlitch
  22. Pinay Scandal Here by Jojitah
  23. “Pinay Scandal” Idea by Neil
  24. Pinay Scandal… In The Mind Of Pinays by Marikenya
  25. The Pinay Scandal – Most Outrageous and Raw Scandal by Chuva
  26. Pinoy Scandal Survivor No. 1 Proud Filipina: Julie Borje by Marikenya
  27. Pinay Scandal by Chuvaness
  28. The Best of Pinay Scandals by Rhodilee
  29. Pinay Scandal by Che
  30. Pinay Scandal by JeanGrey
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