Patapon PSP Game

Patapon WallpaperPatapon is a newly-released game for Sony PSP. It’s a game filled with fun and adventure. You must command the Patapon troops through 6 varying drumbeats that will command them to either march, attack, defend, retreat, to use magic or to power up. You command the Patapons in their fight against the Zigotons and different monsters. Combine chains of drum beating to win levels and to lead your Patapon troops to victory.

The Patapon tribe was driven from their home by the Zigoton army and now, with your drum beating help, they are fighting their way against the army that once drove them away from their beloved home. You use the command keys of your PSP to make the drum beats. Marching makes the drum beat, PATA PATA PATA PON which corresponds to square, square, square and circle. Attach is PON PON PATA PON which corresponds to circle, circle, square circle, Defending makes the drum beat CHAKA CHAKA PATA PON which corresponds to triangle, triangle, square, circle. There are 3 more drum beats that you must learn and master and then you make chains of commands for your cute little Patapons.

The music of this game is entertaining and dramatic. It makes you feel like you’re witnessing a tribal ritual dance and you just never get tired of the same rhythm playing over and over again. The game is unique! Who would have thought drum beating can fight off evil monsters? Also, you get to play their mini-games where you earn bonuses and more upgrades for your little Patapons. With over 30 missions, you would definitely get good value for your money. It’s fun, entertaining and also challenging. You build your army and create new Patapons. In order to win, you must strategize in developing your army. There are different Patapon characters such as Yaripon, Hatapon, Tatepon, Yumipon, Kibapon, Priestess Meden, Pan the Pakapon, Rah Gashapon and Fah Zakpon. These Patapon characters have their own position in the tribe and the warriors have different limitations so you must build up a good troop considering that each member has his own weaknesses and strengths.

This game is fun for all ages. It’s a must-have and you’ll enjoy playing it for hours! You may even end up singing PATA PATA PATA PON the whole day!

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