Pacquiao vs. Hatton: Remnants of the East and West Battle

Pacquiao vs Hatton Round 2 KO

Pacquiao vs Hatton Round 2 KO

In a historic ring battle last May 3, 2009, Manny Pacquiao crushed Ricky Hatton by putting him to sleep only after two measly rounds. The Englishman was immediately transported to the hospital after sustaining a ravaging blow from left to chin. Referee Kenny Bayless even knelt to check the knocked Englishman before officially halting the fight only 2 minutes and fifty-nine seconds into the second round. Hatton managed to wake up, only after receiving medical attention right in the middle of the ring. He then walked away from the ring, unaided or supported.

It was a hard loss but I am okay”, reveals the 30-year old boxer from Manchester. Hatton further disclosed that he did not notice the punch coming, assuring fans and the media that he will be just fine. Computer statistics record that the “Pacman” (Manny Pacquiao) managed to land 73 of 127 punches below six minutes. This includes 34 out of 53 power punches during the second round. Meanwhile, “Hitman” (Ricky Hatton) managed to connect only 18 out of 78 punches.

In a separate interview, prior to the fight, Ricky Hatton’s coach – Floyd Mayweather Sr. claimed that “Ricky is going to crack Manny like an egg”. Mayweather Sr. went on to hurl several insults and invectives aimed at Pacman and his trainer, Freddie Roach. The recent loss of his trainee never caused Mayweather Sr. to retract or apologize for his statements. To this date, the renowned trainer continues to stand by his assertions, except for a few flashes of fear and doubt. At one point, he comments, “I’m having doubts about my fighter, I think the other guy will win”.

And true enough, as Mayweather Sr.’s skeptical comment came to life, he now puts the blame on defeated Hatton. He claims that Hatton refused to follow his advice. “He didn’t do what I told him”. Mayweather continues, “He didn’t keep his hands up – and so he paid the price”. Coach Freddie Roach further claims that Mayweather Sr. may be yet reluctant to confront the slew of Pacquio furies.

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