Nuffnang has Arrived in the Philippines!

Attention Filipino bloggers! Do you ever wish to earn some revenue from your blog but can’t seem to get any clicks from your Adsense ads? Now, you can start enjoying ad revenues from each visit you get from your blog! They don’t need to click on your ads. Just opening your blog can already earn you some money! How? It’s really simple. Malaysians and Singaporeans are enjoying this for over a year now and it’s time that we Filipinos would also enjoy such means of earning. Lots of Filipino bloggers are certainly going to love this!

August 27, 2008 is the day that NuffNang had been released in the Philippines. It was born during the usual conversation by 2 university students named Timothy Tiah and Cheo Ming Shen over lunch. Instead of just talking about the usual school stuff, these 2 entrepreneur-minded individuals started talking about, well, business. Finally, they have come up with a plan to start NuffNang and everything just fell into place. After serving Malaysia and Singapore, NuffNang currently caters over 40,000 blogs from these two countries. Who knows how many blogs it would cater now that it has arrived in the Philippines!

So, how do you earn from NuffNang? As long as you get 20 or more visits a day in your blog, you would be qualified to post ads by NuffNang. These ads are from different companies that pay via page impressions and not “by clicks”. You can then get your earnings after 30 days if you have already reached P2,000 in earnings. You can check your earnings and stats through their easy to use control panel. Payment can be sent via PayPal, peso check or via bank transfer.

Nuffnang Philippines

Nuffnang Philippines

With the launch of NuffNang Philippines, blogging is now even more exciting! Who wouldn’t want to earn more from their blogs? Register now and start earning!

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