Kakashi is Dead, Naruto Shippuuden Mad Spoiler!!!

After hearing rumour about Kakashi’s death, I search about it in Google and the first article I found was from naruto-boards.com. Here’s the whole story. Read it at your own risk.

Well here is the plot for the next two years of Naruto manga. Choose to believe or not believe at own risk. (Don’t ask me where I got this )I did not write this or make this up, so don’t give me any credit for it.

– Sasuke loses one eye to Itachi. As he goes for the second, Kabuto/Orochimaru interrupt the fight. Kabuto is now under the influence of Orochimaru; he has almost completely taken over. Itachi flees and as Kabuto/Orochimaru descend on a prone Sasuke, Zetsu confronts him. Kabuto/Orochimaru leaves to avoid a confrontation with Akatsuki. Zetsu goes back to report to Madara.

– Madara easily handles Team Konoha. Hinata’s Byakugan reveals Madara’s trick. Yamato uses his Mokuton. Zetsu appears, reports to Madara on Itachi/Sasuke, and both flee the battle.

– Kakashi finds Sasuke, brings him back to Konoha.

– Kisame beats Hebi soundly, except for Suigetsu, who pushes him. Kisame wins. Itachi shows up and ditches Kisame as he now has one Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, the other his regular Mangekyou Sharingan. Kisame rides off into the distance never to be seen from again.

– Tsunade and Naruto hear of Jiraiya’s death. Naruto goes off to train using the key with the Toads like Jiraiya, to master the Kyuubi chakra.

– Pein does not know the location of the Toad’s Mountain and so returns empty handed.

– Tsunade heads to Rain to confront Akatsuki. Tsunade is intercepted by Konan. She dies at the hands of Konan.

– After her death, Kakashi is appointed as the Sixth Hokage.

-Sasuke recovers minus an eye, and is convinced to stay. He makes out like he is only staying because his chance of facing Itachi and Madara will be increased this way.

– Madara confronts Itachi and kills him. Kakashi hears rumours of their fight and goes to confront Madara. He doesn’t tell Sasuke because Sasuke has not yet reconciled with Team 7. Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi train with each other. Sasuke learns how to summon the Dogs and vows never to use the Snakes and Cursed Seal again. Sakura begins to master genjutsu.

– Madara and Kakashi fight. Kakashi eventually realises he will lose, summons Pakkun and sends him to inform Sasuke of Madara’s whereabouts. Madara wins and delivers a fatal blow to Kakashi. Sasuke and Sakura arrive just as Madara leaves. He is torn between tending to Kakashi with Sakura and chasing Madara. Madara mocks him because a true Uchiha would follow their own goals, throwing aside comrades. This is how the Uchiha have always gained power. Sasuke doesn’t want to follow in the old Uchiha ways, Madara escapes, telling him where to find him. Madara wants to wipe out all Uchihas and start the clan over fresh.

– Kakashi gives Sasuke his Mangekyou Sharingan. Sakura does the transfer. Kakashi also has a present for Sasuke, a Konoha headband. Sasuke takes the headband and puts it across his forehead. Kakashi dies. Sasuke pulls one side of the headband down and wears it like Kakashi did, bringing the story full-circle of Sasuke being a carbon copy of Kakashi, as stated by Gai.

– Both return to Konoha with Kakashi’s dead body. Naruto has returned from the Toad training, having perfected the use of Kyuubi and his Fuuton: RasenShuriken. He sees Kakashi dead and freaks out. Sasuke appears and Naruto sees the headband. Finally Team 7 is reunited.

– Team 7 make the decision to go after the remaining Akatsuki. They go to where Madara told them to meet for the final battle. Zetsu is told to keep watch and stop anyone looking to interfere. Team 7 want it that way too.

– Pein, Madara and Konan line up against Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. As they fight, Kabuto/Orochimaru heads to the location. He is now completely controlled by Orochimaru. Zetsu confronts him.

– Both fight, Zetsu is eventually defeated.

– Sasuke uses the Mangekyou Sharingan which Kakashi gave him, which is now an Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. He is able to defeat Madara after a very long struggle.

– Naruto has learned how to throw his Fuuton: RasenShuriken just like a Shuriken. He is able to defeat all 6 of Pein’s bodies using this and Gamabunta. After believing he has won, Jiraiya shows up. Naruto is shocked and goes to embrace him, only to see Pein’s piercings. Jiraiya is stronger and faster than ever. Naruto summons Gamakichi and using a joint jutsu, Naruto is able to go KN9 while remaining completely in control. Naruto eventually overcomes Jiraiya, killing him with a RasenShuriken.

– Sakura battles hard against Konan. She is unable to beat her with sheer strength and so uses genjutsu in her first real battle. She kills Konan using genjutsu.

– Just as they all think it is over, they are confronted by Kabuto/Orochimaru. He mocks them and they fight. Reference is made to the Sannin vs Salamander Hanzou. Orochimaru is stronger than ever and now possesses Kabuto’s skills. They are able to, together, repel his attacks. He labels them the new Sannin. Slowly, Orochimaru gains the upper hand. As he goes to deal a lethal blow to Naruto, Sasuke takes the shot. Cue flashback to Zabuza arc.

– Naruto is able to kill Orochimaru with a RasenShuriken.

– Sakura tends to Sasuke. He stands up, but something is not right. When he killed Orochimaru near the start of Part 2, he absorbed not only Orochimaru’s abilities, but Orochimaru’s soul too. Orochimaru finally has what he always wanted, the Sharingan!

– The final fight is between Sasuke controlled by Orochimaru and Naruto. Both fight hard, and there is a clash between the Chidori and Fuuton: Rasengan. Cue hospital roof flashback. Naruto is able to defeat Orochimaru. Sasuke is near death. He is returned to Konoha and is treated at the hospital. When he is revived, Naruto embraces him.

– Naruto is named the Seventh Hokage.

Some say this is a fake, but the story looks real. Galing din ng gumawa nito 😀

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