Jucelino Nobrega Deroose- A real psychic or a hoax?

There are e-mails circulating stating that a clairvoyant Brazilian man predicts that there will be an 8.1 magnitude earthquake that will rock the Philippines on July 18, 2008. On the e-mail it states also that he had predicted the death of Princess Diana and he also predicted that there will be a flashflood in Iloilo and many other disasters and terrorist attacks in the past.

Those who quickly believe without doing research would say that if he had predicted these tragedies, then perhaps the July 18, 2008 earthquake is also true. Those who are not quick in believing what they hear, thinks that he is a hoax. So is he a real psychic or is he just a hoax?

There are informations circulating that defy the identity of this man. Experts say that Jucelino Nobrega Deroose sends out email and seeks fame after a tragedy has happened and he also sends out letters with a forged postmark to show that he sent the letters before the tragedy even occurred.

Whether this man is a real psychic or not, he already left the Filipinos scared of what will happen on July 18, 2008. Many are praying that the prophecy is not true while some are already thinking of staying at home and take a leave from work while some would go home to their province so they could be with their family.

With predictions like this, we are dumbfounded with whether or not itโ€™s true. We should still pray for it not to happen so no lives would be lost.

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