iPhone in Asia?

Apple is said to release a version of iPhone for its Asian customers this year. Once it has been released, would it satisfy the Asian customers’ needs or people will just shy away from its expensive price tag?

iPhone is an amazing phone that is built for sophistication. Prior to its Asian release, the hacked version of the iPhone has already infiltrated Asia especially in the Philippines. Unfortunately, these hacked iPhones can not be updated or else you would have to re-hack it and it does not have many features that you would enjoy if you got an authentic un-hacked iPhone.

So, what will you get from an Asian version release of Apple’s iPhone? First of all, you get the phone’s warranty. Second, there’s no need to hack it so you could update its software with no worries. And lastly, it is believed that they would be using the 3G feature which is, by far, the highest innovation in cellular technology in Asia.

There is still no official statement from Apple regarding their Asian release of their iPhone but many believe that once it had been released in Asia, the Philippines would not be included on the list. Why, you might ask? Because Apple is generating more income from its services rather than through the revenue from iPhone purchases. Filipinos love buying high-end cellular phones even though they would have to spend their rainy-day savings just so they could flaunt their phones. But, what kind of services do Filipinos use most of the time? Filipinos love to text and most of the time, that’s the only purpose of their phones aside from its built-in hardware/software features of course. So, unlike their U.S. release where iPhone goes hand in hand exclusively with cingular, iPhone generates more residual income from its phone related services offered by cingular. It’s a totally different ballgame in the Philippines. The majority of Filipinos don’t take cellular plans instead they go for prepaid as it is much cheaper with no monthly fees.

So, is there still hope for a Philippine release of Apple’s iPhone? We just have to wait to find out!

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