How to Watch the UEFA Euro 2008 Games Online

Out of Euro 2008 tickets? It’s no surprise since 2008 UEFA European Football Championship is the biggest football event of the year.

Now how you can watch FREE Euro 2008 to your PC? Most of the internet savvy people already know this stuff specially sports fanatics, but still many people do not have any idea about it. Its the channel streaming over P2P where you can watch FREE live streaming sports, entertainment, news, cartoons, and everything even pay pay view event.

uefa 2008 ticket

uefa 2008 ticket

What you need is a software that will handle all the streaming. The most famous software are SOPCAST, TVAnts and TVU. Then you also need a streaming site, here’s how

There’s basically one streaming site, and it’s fairly straight forward. Under Football click on the ‘Live’ TV icon next to the game under today’s date (the football link should take you directly there) and you’ll see a list of options down the page. Using the Software tab at the top of the page, download the appropriate program(s) – they’re listed right next to the stream – and simply open the application, click on the link which says ‘Play’ and it redirects you to the channel. The key is knowing that the higher the bit rate the better and which programs to use. SopCast is generally thought of as both the best and easiest program, while TVAnts is often a good option, but takes awhile to load.


If you already have the software installed, you just need to enter the following channel to watch it live (Channel gathered from MYP2P).

SOPCAST Channel and Embed SOPCAST Player
sop:// ~ 300Kbps or
Watch Euro 2008 Live Stream 1 (IE browser Only)
sop:// ~ 310Kbps or
Watch Euro 2008 Live Stream 2 (IE browser Only)
sop:// ~ 355Kbps or
Watch Euro 2008 Live Stream 3 (IE browser Only)
sop:// ~ 418Kbps or
Watch Euro 2008 Live Stream 4 (IE browser Only)

TVU Channel
tvu://10007 ~ 351Kbps
tvu://48732 ~ 299Kbps
tvu://65597 ~ 280Kbps
tvu://65595 ~ 285Kbps

TVAnts Channel
tvants:// ~ 376Kbps
tvants:// ~ 740Kbps
tvants:// ~ 741Kbps
tvants:// ~ 985Kbps
tvants:// ~ 365Kbps

Steaming Guide Tournament Matches – Central European Time (CET)

Thursday 12 June 2008
Croatia vs Germany – 18:00 CET
Austria vs Poland – 20:45 CET

Friday 13 June 2008
Italy vs Romania – 18:00 CET
Netherlands vs France

Saturday 14 June 2008
Sweden vs Spain – 18:00 CET
Greece vs Russia

Sunday 15 June 2008
Switzerland – Portugal – 20:45 CET
Turkey – Czech Republic – 20:45 CET

Monday 16 June 2008
Poland vs Croatia – 20:45 CET
Austria vs Germany – 20:45 CET

Tuesday 17 June 2008

France vs Italy – 20:45 CET
Netherlands vs Romania – 20:45 CET

Wednesday 18 June 2008
Greece vs Spain – 20:45 CET
Russia vs Sweden – 20:45 CET

Thursday 19 June 2008
Portuga vs Germany – 20:45 CET

Friday 20 June 2008
Croatia vs Turkey- 20:45 CET

Saturday 21 June 2008
Netherlands vs Russia – 20:45 CET

Sunday 22 June 2008
Spain vs Italy – 20:45 CET

Wednesday 25 June 2008
Winner #25 vs Winner #26 – 20:45 CET

Thursday 26 June 2008
Winner #27 vs Winner #28 – 20:45 CET

Sunday 29 June 2008
Winner #29 vs Winner #30 – 20:45 CET

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