How to decrease your planting and harvesting time in Farmville

Farmville is a very addictive game that is available on Facebook. Lots of people have grown addicted to it and spends countless hours playing the game. If you want to learn a few tips and tricks on how you can plant and harvest in Farmville a lot faster then you should read this simple yet effective tutorial.

Farmville Tips and Tricks

  • Step1 – You don’t need a tool in order to decrease your planting/plowing and harvesting time in farmville, all you to do is trap yourself.
  • Step2 – Finished. Trapping yourself reduce the necessary movement of your avatar. See the image below how I trap myself in pink fences. ^__^

You could share it with your friends too and for sure you and your friends will spend even more time playing the game and leveling up much faster than before. Have fun!

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