Hagio Host Sucks!

For not responding to my support ticket for a month and suspending my hosting every month!!!

Found Hagio Host on Digitalpoint giving a special promotion for proxy owner. I tried the hosting for a month and it seems good, few downtime because of large traffic (still bearable, since i’m using basic package). That month also I sold my proxy due to luck of time.

Two months passed, I decided to try again the proxy for luck and I choose Hagio since i have a good experience with them even for a month. This time i bought Proxy HII (package two), first month okay, then the 2nd month are quite okay. A problem on their billing system, where the system is sending overdue notification and I need to pay or else my hosting will be suspended (hesitant to pay since I have a paypal subscription to them). I manage to pay manually via paypal and on the next day, Hagio automatically deduct 10$ to my paypal (via subscription) so I decided to contact Hagio and they refund my 10$. This is where the nightmare start, on the third month i received again the email “overdue notice” where I should pay via subscription, so what I did is ignore the email. The next days, hagio deducted 10$ again on my paypal as expected. Few days later, I received an email coming from them that my account is suspended for not paying. I immediately submit a support ticket and copy paste my paypal transaction. Two days later I got an email from them that my site is up, I checked my site but I can’t access it, I’m getting forbidden error on my browser. I submit another ticket and after a day, my site is up and running.

Fourth month (the worst month) since I’m so busy with my other work I haven’t checked my proxy site for almost two weeks. So I decided to visit the site and I found out that my site is suspended again. “Headache”, I checked my paypal transaction for that month and confirmed that hagio is deducted 10$ again on my paypal. What I did is submit a support ticket and copy paste my transaction hoping to get a reply from the billing department but no reply. I waited for a weeks, so I decided to let it go and and hunt them again on the next billing cycle for a refund.

Fifth month, my site are still down Hagio deducted 10$ again on my paypal (my fault I forgot to unsubscribe). Submit a ticket and amaze after a day my site is up and running but I haven’t get a reply why my site is suspended for a month. After few days, the site is back to normal “suspended again” nothing changes. Submit a ticket again and until now they are not replying.

Hagio you need to clear your name, please reply. I also see some of your previous customer on Digitalpoint who are not happy with your service for the pass few months.

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