God of War – Chains of Olympus PSP Game

Experience Greek mythology at its best through the many adventures of Kratos in “Chains of Olympus”. Chains of Olympus is a game set at the beginning of Kratos’ 10 years service to the gods. The game is set when Persia was covered in darkness and Kratos was tasked by the gods to help in defending the city from the Persian army who wanted to invade it.

In the beginning you would fight in the level called “Battle of Attica” where you are set to defend the Greek city against the Persian divisions. These Persian soldiers are the first enemy you would have to fight in this game and they are quite easy to fight with. The first boss battle is with a basilisk and when you think you have already defeated him the monster ran away and fled to the city. While Kratos was chasing the basilisk, he encountered the Persian King and killed him which he then learns his first spell called the Efreet.

In this game you need to collect power ups in the form of red orbs so you could upgrade your weapons and other abilities. The Gorgon eyeballs will increase Kratos’ health while the Phoenix feathers will increase his magic.

This game is action packed and can be quite gruesome and is not intended to the faint-hearted. With lots of bloody battle scenes and realistic environment, it’s no wonder why many PSP players are addicted to this action-adventure game from Ready At Dawn. It had received high scores by many reviewers and critiques especially because of its high quality graphics and control scheme on a PSP. Although its released date had been pushed back from 4th quarter of 2007 to March 4 of 2008, fans were not disappointed as its developer provided them with a special edition demo which takes you to the first part of the game where Kratos fights with the persian army and up to Kratos’ battle with the Persian King. The demo version had received incredible feedbacks.

During the time of its release in March 4, 2008 the game had sold over 340,000 copies during its first month of release.

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