Get Free Traffic to your Arcade Site

A lot of webmaster are starting arcade site and thinking that they can easily monetize the site with adsense, ypn, widgetbucks, etc.. but in the end, they failed because they don’t know how to generate good traffic. Good Traffic are coming from search engine like Google, Yahoo, MSN, live and AOL(Organic Traffic).

My Arcade Story

I have been running arcade site for almost 2 years now. I started with first arcade site for about 8 month and haven’t had very much luck. I tried link building, bookmarking site, and the most popular last year was myspace but no luck, so I sold it to sitepoint. Then start another arcade, this time I build 2 arcade site but it end up just like my first arcade, I sold the two arcade again. The reason I sold the 2 arcade is because of less traffic avg’g 200 to 300 per day and earning 1$ to 4$ a day for almost 6 months with no progress while some DP members are earning 10 to 20$ per day from their arcade site.

Good thing happen, Louie Alcantara a.k.a doggyoverdose was introduce to me and the rest is history. By the way Louie is the site owner of and I think one of the highest Adsense earner here in the Philippines.

Enough said, let’s get free traffic to your arcade site!

To be Continue…

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