Fun classic games you used to play!

Don’t you just look back on your younger days when the world is much simpler and the games are just two-dimensional? Let’s face it. No matter how cool our games are now, nothing can beat the good ol’ games of Pacman, Super Mario, Contra and the likes that we used to play when we were still kids. It’s not that there is anything grand about these games but because we were so happy playing them when we were kids that we just find them really special.

Wouldn’t you want to relive those moments once again and play the classic games? Now you can. This website has been online for awhile now and many classic-goers enjoy playing their favorite classic games here for free! The game files are really small that they don’t even step on the MB scale. A game can be as small as less than 500kb! Now, aren’t you just tempted to try it out? Check out this site and learn how to play those free online classic games for free!


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