Flickr with videos? Will this bring down YouTube?

Flickr has announced that it will be offering a video uploading and streaming similar to what YouTube is offering. Flickr has gained great popularity especially to many photographers who like sharing their captured photographs to many of Flickr viewers. With its popularity, will Flickr manage to boot out the giant YouTube once their video streaming and uploading is available? Not quite yet.

There are many factors that the new Flickr video streaming would have a problem with and might make many wannabe uploaders to shy away from using Flickr video uploading feature. First of all, you would need to pay a $25 yearly subscription to Flickr in order to use this feature. As a Flickr Pro subscriber, you are entitled to upload videos and share it with your friends or family or if you would want to share it to the world. Second, they only limit your video uploading to 90 seconds. That’s just a minute and a half of video and this is not interesting to many at all. For a yearly fee and all you get is a limit of 90 seconds (a minute and a half) of video each is just not something that many will consider. Against YouTube, these two factors are great barriers to competition. YouTube is free and you could upload a 10-minute video each time and you can share it privately or publicly as well. The video quality is also reduced but that is not a problem since you’re not paying them anything.

It’s too early to tell whether or not this new feature from Flickr would gain popularity. Surely Flickr knows their competition and will provide a feature that has more pros than cons to lure more subscribers. Perhaps their video quality is amazingly crisp, we don’t know yet. One thing is for sure though, a giant like YouTube won’t just wait for a rising competitor to just beat it from its top position. If Flickr provides a great service, perhaps YouTube will improve theirs and we get all the benefits.

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