Filipinos can now enjoy the new iPhone 3G…… or not!

Many have been excited and had been anticipating for months to get their hands on the latest and coolest cellular phone to ever hit the market. Those who want to always be “in” would pay just any amount to stay with the “in” crowd and not be left behind.  With the introduction of the new Apple iPhone 3G, how many can actually afford to buy their very own iPhone?

If you can afford, why not? But surely, not too many would want to spend over 30,000 pesos just for this cellular phone. There are many phones that can surf the internet and do most things that an iPhone can do but they are at a fraction of the cost. So, how much is an iPhone 3G? Brace yourself.

iPhone 3G in Philippines - Photo by

iPhone 3G in Philippines - Photo by

You need to have P34,000 before you could buy your own iPhone 3G and that’s for the 8Gb while the 16Gb costs around P38,000. Not only that, you need to pay about P3,000 for the iPhone to be unlocked through Apple’s Mandatory in-store activation if you want your iPhone to be unlocked.  That’s about P40,000 just for this cellular phone!

With iPhone you will soon enjoy purchasing songs and videos through Apple iTunes. Come on now, do you really need to pay for something you can get for free? Filipinos use LimeWire and torrents to download their favorite songs and movies, are you willing to pay over a dollar for each of the songs on your playlist?

Many may shy away from this new gorgeous phone just by looking at its price tag but many would still purchase it not because they need it but just because it makes them look cool.  It’s a great phone, we can not deny that. But, does it have to be worth this much?

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