Eraserheads concert will push through!!!

Brace yourself everyone. Over the past few days we have all been on our heels hoping and praying that the Eraserheads concert will definitely push through. There had been a problem with the supposed to be free tickets then there had been bad and heartbreaking news that the Eraserheads Reunion Concert was cancelled because Marlboro chose to cancel their sponsorship of the concert and that DOH had not issued a permit. Fans became really outraged! Why on earth did they tell the world that they were going to have a concert and at the last minute cancel it? It was really heartbreaking especially to the die hard E-heads fans who had been waiting for the concert since the beginning of the concert rumor.

Now, it’s official. Eraserheads Reunion Concert would be held at the Fort on August 30! Don’t expect to get a free ticket though as a general admission ticket will cost you P800 and P1300. It’s already the discounted price as the ticket prices were dropped from P1,030 and P2,060!

If you want to purchase some tickets for this amazing reunion concert, you still have time. Go and visit any Ticketworld outlet and ask for available tickets. The tickets had been released since August 27 so expect these tickets to be sold out very soon. Don’t waste time! There’s only a few days left so you have to buy those tickets now!

After the heartbreaking news about their concert’s cancellation, paying some cash for their tickets is not enough to stop the die hard Eraserheads fans to flock the concert area. Why, after all these years it’s just now that all the original members of Eraserheads would get together and sing their old yet very popular songs again. It’s like going down on memory lane. It’s time to feel young again as we reminisce the songs of the 90’s.

Eraserheads rock! Hopefully this won’t really be their final concert together. The more concerts and more new songs from Eraserheads, the better!

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