Educational and Exciting Dora Games Online

Dora the Explorer

It is time to bond with your little sister or daughter by playing these educational and exciting Dora games. If you have followed the series Dora the Explorer on TV, you would love to play with her online. One of the most popular Nickelodeon cartoon series is now an online game. Be an explorer like Dora in these various easy-to-play online games. It has a click-drag control, which makes it easy to be played by kids of all ages.

Online Dora games are characterized by an animated display, with full background sound, and an easy click-drag control. There are over hundreds of games available for you to play with. Whether you are into adventure, fashion, or educational, there is an online Dora game for you.

Be an explorer and find hidden treasures with Dora and Diego in a land-sea adventure. Fight off pirates and be the first to find important treasures. Help Dora’s friend get to his destination by finding the right route. Solve a mystery and find the right equipment in a chaotic garden. There are hundreds of storyline to choose from. Updated versions allow you to earn points, which you can use to acquire new gears for your next exploration. You will never be bored playing these online Dora games.

The most popular Dora game is the dress up games. This is also the most popular bonding activity of young girls and their older sisters. Dress up Dora in cool outfits with her friends for a special night out. Select a cool pirate costume for an upcoming sea adventure. Dora’s virtual closet’s always filled with breathtaking clothing that you will certainly be excited to mix and match. Go as wild and extreme. Be fashionable and trendy. These Dora fashion games are simply exhilarating.

If you’re a fan of cooking and culinary arts, be an expert chef and cook a mouthwatering meal with Dora in online cooking games. Cook dishes of all kinds like a real life chef. Build a restaurant, bakeshop, café or fastfood. You could be the head chef for Dora’s new café and decide on the menus. Bake a cake for Dora’s bakeshop. Prepare exotic cuisines and drive customers. Other versions of Dora cooking games have rewards for your superb culinary masterpieces.

Enjoy educational online Dora games. Have a quick and simple lesson in Spanish with your daughter. Learn some basic Spanish terms for general household items. You could choose any course you like for your child. Having trouble in math? Make your kids answer math problems in a more exciting way in number online Dora games. Solve riddles and puzzles and help your child progress in English and vocabulary.

Test your memory with these exciting memory games. Mix and match pictures and sounds in a given set. There are more educational subjects to choose from. Solve jigsaw puzzles and form the image in the shortest time lapse. Find pairs of shapes in a group. Count the number of a single shape in a collage.

Enjoy doing various land and sea and educational adventures of your favorite explorer Dora and her friends in these exhilarating online Dora Games. Visit

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