David Slade- Eclipse Trailer’s release is not in my hands

David Slade, the director for the Twilight Saga: Eclipse had used twitter to update all the Twilight fans about the upcoming movie. He tweeted about the Twilight Eclipse trailer and that he wants to clear it that the release of the trailer is unfortunately not in his hands. He wants to release one but it’s really up to Summit and he doesn’t know when they’d be releasing the trailer.

Prior to this tweet, on Dec. 30, 2009, he tweeted about his plan on a New Year’s gift but on January 13, he tweeted again that the New Year’s gift he was planning had been cancelled and is out of his hands.

Awww, he was planning to give all Twilight fans the movie trailer as New Year’s gift but unfortunately, he wasn’t able to. Summit Entertainment do let us know when you’re planning to release the trailer.

Too bad for us. That means we can’t watch Eclipse movie trailer yet.

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