Daisy Siete Season 19: Vaklushii

If you are a fan of the sex bomb dancers, you’d definitely find this season to be exciting and absolutely hilarious. Daisy Siete’s Season 19 evolves around 2 cebuanas who are die hard fans of Rochelle who is a very popular star. When Sunshine and Mia found out that Rochelle will hold a concert in their area, they won’t ever want to miss it for the world. So, they decided to watch their idol but they had no idea that this will actually change their lives.

They became the only witnesses for the abduction of their idol. Because of this, their lives were in danger so they tried to escape and hid inside a container van that was headed to Manila. The next day, they realized they had been transported to an unfamiliar place. Being new to Manila, they were scared and a bit confused. They ended up meeting some gay comedians who gave them a very good idea. In order to make ends meet in an unfamiliar land, they decided to play as drag queens. They are then known as Shynna and Miguellita.

This season of Daisy Siete will surely make Filipinos laugh so hard that they just can’t stop watching it. Just the thought of these two lovely ladies portraying as gay drag queens would already make you burst in laughter.

The season started last July 21 on GMA 7’s Dramarama sa Hapon. If you haven’t tuned in to the show yet, you better start watching.

If you missed the previous episode, no worry because I will be posting the replay videos here but of course better to watch it on TV for clearer view.

Vaklushi Episode 01 – 072108 part 1

Vaklushii Episode 01 – 072108 part 2

Vaklushii Episode 01 – 072108 part 3

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