Customize your Mouse Buttons!

How can you possibly survive browsing the net or working through your files without a mouse? It may just scroll and click but we usually use the mouse more than we ever use the keyboard. From the very basic 2 buttons to the more advanced 5-button mouse, your tasks are becoming a lot easier because of this tool.

To make it a lot more useful and even more fun, you can download the X-Mouse Button Control windows application so you could alter the designated task for each button. Usually, the most useful buttons for a mouse are the first2 for the left click and right click while the rest can be altered to make them a lot more useful. Have you ever used the middle button, the button on the scroller? It’s pretty much useless unless of course you’d map the mouse button for a more useful action.

With the X-Mouse Button Control, you can map different keys for each mouse button. You can maximize your windows with just 1 mouse click or you could minimize all your running programs with just one click or maximize all of them too. You can also disable your mouse buttons if that would help you. A great suggestion is to disable the right mouse button so your kids won’t accidentally press it during game play to prevent interruptions. Or, if you’re a left-handed individual, you may want to switch the left and right click too. The possibilities are endless and it’s really up to you how you want your mouse buttons to serve you. Another great suggestion is to set the 4th button as “Copy” and the 5th button as “paste”. This makes the encoding task a breeze!

Now you can enjoy mouse clicking even more because of this small 350 Kb program. What’s even great is, it’s free!

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