Crisis Core PSP Game

Zack Fair Final Fantasy 7 PSP Wallpaper
PSP Wallpaper courtesy of Kupy PSP Wallpapers

One of the most popular video games ever is Final Fantasy. The Crisis Core game is a prequel for the 7th installment of Final Fantasy where you play as Zack Fair, a second class soldier who became a first class soldier in the later part of this game. If you have played Final Fantasy VII you’d recall some flashbacks where Zack Fair is present.

Crisis Core is an action game but a role-playing game as well. For sure this game will keep your adrenaline pumping and will just keep you craving for more out of Final Fantasy. You control Zack Fair and you can rotate the camera angle so you could have a much better view of the 3D world that Zack Fair is in. In Crisis Core, the characters present aside from the lead are Professor Hojo, Jenova, Weiss, Genesis Rhapsodos, Nero, and a sight of the dead body of Vincent Valentine. Cloud Strife is also present as well as the main villain Sephiroth. Many other characters from the original game can also be found in Crisis Core.

With many Final Fantasy fans all over the world, it’s no longer a surprise that this game had been well received especially because it has really positive reviews. In Japan, 350,000 copies had been sold on its release date. Square Enix even stated that so far, Crisis Core is their best-selling game where, from April to September of last year, over 700,000 copies had been sold in Japan alone. It was only in April 17, 2008 that Crisis Core had been released in the United States and so far over 300,000 copies had already been sold. Now, combining both the Japan and US sales of Crisis Core, this game already sold over a million copies making it one of the top selling PSP games.

With the success of Crisis Core, would the next Final Fantasy series beat its record or would it fall short to the success of Final Fantasy VII’s prequel, Crisis Core. We just have to wait and see.

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