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Solve Duplicate URL Using Canonical Link Tag

Everyone is aware that duplicate url/content causes a negative effect on search engine, worry no more because Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft already made an action to solve the issues. The three search engine company announced the support for the new link tag to clean up duplicate urls on sites that produces duplicate content. Here an […]

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WordPress Plugin: FV Code Highlighter

I was thinking to do some gamesitescript templating tutorial, so I search for a code highlighting plugin better than default code tag and I found several plugins but I encounter some compatibility issues with wordpress 2.7. One plugin standout from the rest, and works great with wordpress 2.7. The plugin I’m referring to is FV […]

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WordPress Plugin: Organize and manage page order display via AJAX interface.

I was looking for a way to organize/customize the behavior of my top navigational menu and found one plugin that works on wordpress version 2.7. The name of the plugin is pageMash. pageMash plugin can control/re-arrange the order of your pages with the simple ajax drag-and-drop administrative interface with an option to toggle the page […]

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