Carnivorous Plant found in Palawan, Philippines

Giant meat eating plant (Nepenthes attenboroughii). Palawan, Philippines

Giant meat eating plant (Nepenthes attenboroughii). Palawan, Philippines

A new species of giant carnivorous plant has been discovered in the highlands of the central Philippines.

The plant is the largest of all pitchers and is so big that it can catch rats as well as insects in its leafy trap. The nectar is spiked with narcotic, so that the visitor soon feel giddy, loses it balance or footing and plunges into a vat of watery digestive juices where it drowns.

The botanists have named the pitcher plant after British natural history broadcaster David Attenborough.

The plant is among the largest of all carnivorous plant species and produces spectacular traps – Co-discoverer Stewart McPherson

Visit BBC News for the complete details on the discovery.

Pitcher Plants in Philippines

Pitcher plants abounds in many places of the Philippines not only in Palawan. In Region 8, pitcher plants from the mountains are often seen being sold. Pitcher plants are also known to abound at Mt. Mount Pulag National Park covers about 11,560 hectares of public domain that lies on the north and south spine of the Grand Cordillera Central Mountain Ranges in the municipalities of Bokod, Kabayan and Buguias in Benguet; the municipality of Tinoc in Ifugao; and the municipality of Kayapa in Nueva Viscaya.

There are about twelve species of pitcher plants recorded in the Philippines. The  mention N. alata ‘Quezon lowland’ which is described as an easy beginners plant, that grows in a wide range of altitudes (0-2400m), light levels and produces pitchers even during dry season. It looks best when it get lots of indirect light and the pitchers increase in size and become reddish. It originates from the mountains of central Luzon.

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