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Here are some of Canon 400D’s highlights:

  1. Integrated Cleaning System – image-sensor dust is one of the most annoying problems a DSLR owner can have. Since a camera lens is very sensitive, you can’t just wipe it off with an ordinary cloth. Canon 400D has an incorporated cleaning system built in its body that generates ultrasonic vibrations which shakes off dusts that enter when a lens is mounted or removed.
  2. Dust Delete – to further enhance the cleaning system of this camera, the Canon 400D has a second defense system to remove dust that the integrated cleaning system did not totally get rid of. A computer program composed of two steps locates and identifies dust that appears on the images and automatically deletes it.
  3. Noise Reduction – this feature is built into the CMOS sensor to aid in preventing image noise when a higher ISO setting is selected.
  4. 10.1 megapixel CMOS sensor – this camera can produce 3904 x 2598 pixels and has a sensitivity range which varies from ISO 100 to 1600.
  5. Display-Off Sensor – it’s a bit annoying when light seeps into your eyes everytime you peek into a camera’s viewfinder. Canon 400D’s Display-Off Sensor attribute automatically switches off whenever the photographer’s face is pressed to the viewfinder.
  6. Picture Style – this function presents various “film emulsion” choices to photographers in order for them to take advantage of the different options to utilize exceptional color, saturation and resolution to suit a certain subject or particular object.
  7. Three-layer optical low-pass filter – this characteristic focuses on helping the camera reduce chromatic deviation or abnormality and color fringing. It makes up for artificial red coloration brought about by infrared rays.

If you’re still not satisfied with this camera’s fine focal points, then maybe mentioning a few more worthy features will make you run out the door to avail your very own Canon 400D.

The Canon 400D is a great DSLR camera for beginners, who prefer this type of camera over the regular point-and-shoot ones, as its controls are very clear-cut and it has basic icons and icons for easier comprehension. It consists of standard exposure modes which include Manual, Shutter-Priority Speed, Aperture Priority, Full Auto, Auto Depth of Field and Program. As mentioned a while ago, beginners will have a fun time taking photographs with this camera since it is equipped with a Full Auto Mode which will give novice photographers superb results.

Newbies often enjoy chimping. This term simply means looking at a taken photo consecutively—shoot, look at the picture, shoot, look at the picture. It’s not really an offense but most newbies are identified with this habit. However, with Canon 400D’s 2.5 inch LCD monitor, chimping won’t be a problem any longer since it displays your pictures clearly.

If your concern is about the battery life, there’s no need to worry. Once the battery is fully charged, you are guaranteed to enjoy it throughout the day. The camera’s weight won’t be a problem as well since it’s quite light so you can take photographs without complaining about aching arms when you wake up the next day.

Of course, nothing is perfect in this world. The Canon 400D also has its weak points and one of it is its smallish grip which is a major complain by photographers who has medium-sized hands or bigger. This next snag is for serious photographers who have discovered the beauty of shooting in RAW format. Shooting in RAW format makes the camera lag for a few seconds, this is a problem because a photographer has to wait before he can shoot another picture.

Evidently, not all photographers opt to shoot in RAW format. So disregarding this matter the Canon 400D is a good choice for those who are planning to take up photography as their form of relaxation. Of course, professionals and amateurs will surely benefit from this camera too as it has a lot of features that can be quite useful to all photographers.

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