Busted Video Card, Deleted Database What’s Next?

Sometimes shit happens, just today I was working on my database file of my free online games website and I decided to copy the database of my not so new barbie games arcade site since this is the easiest to start a new arcade. Both site uses different script so in order to use the database of my barbie games, I have to convert. I created a script that will convert gamesitescript to phparcade games and made a test. I made several testing, then when I’m about to delete my test database I accidentally deleted the original database, arrrg… Now all my games are gone, http://www.123barbie.com .

I tried to recover my old deleted backup on my computer but no avail. I tried more than 10 data/file recovery software but all of them failed. Most of the software are capable of finding office file, executable files but not file with extension of .SQL :( . Also my video card got busted while working/scanning. So I gave up looking for the backup. Luckily I have spare video card, now I’m blogging. Thank God.

Update 01/17/2008: I just copy the database of dress up games to my www.123barbie.com :)

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