Batang Yagit Superstar

Okey, I’m not really updated with the blogging world, I only found out that there’s a “Bloggers’ Choice Award for the Philippine Blog Awards 2008″ on my friend blog , it seems cool to be one of the nominee and I bet the winner will really enjoy the fame, and of course the prize 😀 .

Voting your favorite blogger gives you a chance to win a brand new N82, which I’m currently targeting. LOL. Without thinking twice, I cast my vote to Batang Yagit. Why Batang Yagit should win on the blogger’s choice award? personally I don’t know him BUT I’m his newest follower on twitter (as of 4:00am today), I know his name (as of 4:05am today), I read his blog (as of 4:10am today), i have fun memories of watching Batang Yagit (remembering the old days, LOL) AND of course a because of Jehz.

Batang Yagit congrats in advanced for winning the blogger choice! Kaya mo yan Kid!

For the mechanic on how to vote for batang yagit, please visit Jehzlau Concepts.

@Jehz pakuha nalang yung n82 ko. hehehe

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