Apple iPOD Touch

Apple has come a long way since the introduction of their first iPod which has swept the entire world to its feet. Music and movie lovers have enjoyed this mini-masterpiece which is simply a delight to everyone; even non-techie junkies can have fun with their own iPod as it is very easy to use.

To make life even more fun and enjoyable, Apple has come up with a relatively new gadget which will make the iPod much more popular than it is now—iPod touch. The iPod touch is an innovative media player which literally brings your music, videos and even the web right into your fingertips with its multi-touch screen interface. Its magnificent 3.5 inch wide screen presents a simple yet vibrant display of colors that’s completely scratch-resistant. Its touch screen conveniently allows users to input data without them bothering to look for the miniscule stylus which almost always disappears when you need it. With the iPod touch, your fingers will do all the work for you (once you’ve mastered how to control the screen, which is quite easy to learn) by providing you with trouble-free manipulation.

Don’t be fooled with the iPod touch’s slim design because, despite its delicate and elegant features, this portable media player is quite sturdy. Flip this awesome gadget and you’ll see a gleaming stainless steel cover which protects the iPod touch’s interior components from unintentional and unexpected accidents.

iPod touch users can effortlessly add new contacts and update their calendar using the Qwerty keyboard on the touch screen. Moreover, it is enabled with Wi-Fi to allow users to efficiently navigate through their favourite websites, even letting users zoom in on images. It also allows users to check their e-mails, download songs and videos from iTunes and acquire easy access to everyone’s preferred video provider—YouTube.

Originally designed for music and movie lovers, iPod touch is still one of the best media players out in the market. It can easily store music, videos and photos up to 16 GB with the help of its 128 MB of RAM. iPod touch stores its files using flash memory which allows speedier access for its users. It has a non-removable battery composed of Lithium Ion which guarantees users at least 5 hours worth in video and 22 hours music playback. It has a dimension of 110 mm x 62 mm x 8 mm and it only weighs 120 grams– very easy to bring anywhere since it’s bulk-free. Like all iPod’s, iPod touch offers great audio and picture quality which is quite essential since it boasts of its wide screen.

The downside? It is a tad pricier compared to the other iPod’s since it has new features and is relatively more upgraded. Nevertheless, it is still one product worth shelling out a few bucks more. You can’t really blame Apple since they have presented such a revolutionary media player suited for people who love music and videos and those who can’t get enough of the web. If you’re looking for a media player that has style, functionality, refinement and simplicity combined into one, then grab an iPod Touch now.

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