Apple’s New Upgrades

Last October 14, 2008 Apple announced new upgrades for their 3 Macbook Portables.

Their MacBook Pro has been upgraded and this time it has a multi-touch trackpad, Mini DisplayPort, Hybrid SLI and of course, a much faster processor. The FireWire 400 has been removed from the MacBook Pro but you can still use the FireWire 400 by using the FireWire 800 port. Also, with the use of Hybrid SLI, users can choose between the GeForce 9400 and the GeForce 9600M which reduces the battery life by one hour compared to GeForce 9400.

The MacBook Pro now had a much better case design so you could easily upgrade your hard drive.

The MacBook, on the other hand, is now made in aluminum. It uses the GeForce 9400 which is, as they say, is give times more powerful in graphics performance compared to the previous one. The MacBook no longer use the FireWire 400 as well.

The MacBook Air is also with a new upgrade but the design or the original MacBook Air is still used. With the MacBook Air, the upgrades include having a processor known as Core 2 “Penryn” with more cache. The lower end of the MacBook Air will get 120 Gb of disk memory while the high end model will get 128 Gb SSD. It uses the GeForce 9400 GPU as well. MacBook Air, just like the previous 2 is no longer using FireWire 400 anymore.

Thanks to these new upgrades, no one can criticize Apple’s MacBooks being outperformed by the older Apple PowerBooks. The previous MacBook Air loses to the older PowerBooks in terms of Graphics because the old PowerBook has GeForce GX Go 5200 with 64 MB Shared memory while the old MacBook air just had Intel GMA X3100 with 64 Mb of “shared memory”. This means, the MacBook Air takes away 64Mb from the system memory.

One great news from Apple during the event of the announcement of their upgrades is the other announcement that Apple will release a 24-inch Cinema Display. The 24-inch cinema display will have built-in speakers, an iSight Camera and USB hubs as well. Their 24-inch cinema display is the first of Apple’s LED external displays so let’s expect more with this technology from the lineup of Apple’s products. The price for this cool new display is not for the faint-hearted. After all, it’s Apple so it’s no longer shocking to find out that it costs much more than other brands. The Apple Cinema Display is retailed for $899 only!

You should not be left behind especially if you’re a real Apple fan. With these new upgrades, the competition for the faster and better portable computers just gets even higher. You can purchase your very own MacBook computer online by visiting Apple’s online store. MacBooks are worth $999 while MacBook Air can be yours for $1799. The MacBook Pro is worth $1999 while Mac Pro is $2799.

Apple continues to improve thus making them a really hard competitor to beat.

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