And the Winner is…..

Tadadadannn.. No one know who will win the promotional items corporate gifts srednarb SEO contest on Google, after a week of being #1 on Google ranking, my site feel lonely on top and decided to give way. Now my site is rank #2, I’m not sure when will my site realize the prize money at stake and how the money can help me buy a new desktop computer. Weeeeee…

As of the moment I’m trying my best to help the ranking, and I’m doing it as fast as possible because there are only 6 days before the final judgement. Come on, show me your strength!

With only 6 days left, anything is possible to get the #1 rank again. Just need to focus and more work.

Here I come promotional items coporate gifts srednarb! Here I come….

December 15, 2008 Update: Promotional Items Corporate Gifts Srednarb Ranking

UPDATE 12/17/2008: I didn’t feel the present of Benj until yesterday, “style mo talaga Benj”, I thought it was Bleuken. Though Jwebz entry already surpass Benj rank as of updating this post.

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