“Koobface” Virus Attacks Facebook

A virus identified as “Koobface” is using Facebook and its messaging system to infect users’ PCs and obtain their credit card information. “Koobface” main target are the 120 million users of this social networking site. This is by the far the most recent attack of hackers online. They are generally keeping an eye on users of social networking sites.

Barry Schnitt, Facebook spokesperson had already responded regarding the issue. He said that there had been a lot of viruses that attempted to use Facebook to disseminate themselves. However he made it a point that only a very small portion of the whole Facebook population had been directly affected.

Furthermore, Craig Schmugar, McAffe’s researcher added that the virus is still actively infecting PCs together with email threats.

How does “Koobface” work? If your PC has been infected with the virus, it sends notes to your friends and families who also have a Facebook account. The message is headed with an inviting title: “You look just awesome in this new movie.” Of course your friend or family would be tempted to open the message. They will then be redirected to a website which features a free system update download of Adobe’s Flash Player.

The software, claiming to be Adobe’s Flash Player update will be the main player of the whole “hack” process. Once downloaded, it infiltrates the user’s computer. The virus will lead the user to contaminated sites every time he tries to use any search engine.

McAfee researchers seconded the claim and even warned Facebook users to take guard. “Koobface” was found surveying Facebook on Wednesday.

Facebook users, on the other hand, do not worry very much because they think that you must log in first before you can send messages. FaceTime Security Labs’ researcher Chris Boyd confirms this. He said that because the site requires users to have their own account before they can access other users’ data, they tend to be less cautious when it comes to opening and reading messages.
Prior to this incident, a similar version of “Koobface” infected another networking site News Corp’s Myspace last August. The virus was eradicated using security technology and hasn’t popped up until now.

Facebook is already circulating warnings regarding this by telling using to be suspicious regarding the messages and contaminated email they receive.

Up to date, McAfee still has no idea who is behind of the “Koobface” virus. They added that the perpetrators are responsible for the over-all development of the virus.

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